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The first self-flying delivery drone that you can buy!

Linking ONE your own delivery drone that simplifies deliveries with just a click in the app. From now, anyone can ship things: no need to wait anymore! Avoiding unnecessary car commutes, saving you time and helping sustainability.

Don’t wait to be there to feel connected.

Share anything anytime!

App Linking Drones the first self flying delivery drone with a simple click in the app
Linking One the first self flying delivery drone commercially available
Linking Drones - Linking ONE the first self flying delivery drone with a simple click in the app - open cargo lid


Learn how simple it is to operate Linking ONE
Load the Cargo

Set the drone at the take-off location
Introduce the item(s) you wish to transport

Select Landing Point

Follow in-app safety instructions

Hit Take-off

Linking ONE will automatically fly
to your chosen location

No piloting skills needed

Fully autonomous flight using GPS

Built-in button to return

4G is not needed


The first self-flying delivery drone that you can buy

Everything you need for a delivery drone.

Sustainability and connection lie at the center of our company mission. We aim to make everyday delivery easy and accessible for all through our commercial easy-to-use Linking ONE drone.

42 x 42 x 30 cm

A4 docs, a bottle of wine or milk

 under 10 min

No pilot needed

 to protect people and your drone


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Our Family

Meet our international team of drone experts with a vision to connect people through sustainable drone delivery

“Can you imagine not having a smartphone to call your friends and send messages? Our children will look at their mum and ask “how could people live without private drone delivery before?

Cesar Serrano, CEO

“We’re enabling the third dimension: the sky to people like you and me, for your own benefit and the benefit of society. All this while helping sustainability through 0 emissions and applying circular economy

Alberto Nuñez, CTO

“The day when we look out the window and see a smart city, with less traffic congestion, less pollution and drones carrying our groceries, is not far in the future. It’s now.”

Andres Martinez, Chairman

“I dreamed for a long time about how I could use technology to improve people’s life. Now, every morning I jump off the bed like a spring, I snooze no more!”

Eduardo Hilario, Software Architect

“I decided to join Linking Drones because of their values; our values! It’s inspiring to collaborate with such a talented team that unites forces with a clear vision and execution”

Tomas Pereda, Advisor

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